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Junior Tennis Coaching
Stage 1 Early Development
Kanga Kidz Multi Sports Program
21/2 yrs- 5yrs  •  Red Ball Development


Specialized Gross Motor Program (21/2 yrs- 5yrs)

The equipment and activities are modified to introducing children to a variety of 9 different sports - Hockey, T-Ball, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Football & Golf in a fun & structured environment. Games that are played improve childrens gross motor skills, co-ordination, self esteem, balance, movement, anticipation while learning how to participate in a group environment.

 8 week term:$110
Stage 1 Early Development
Pre-School Hot Shots Tennis
3yrs-5yrs  •  Red Ball Development


A popular kids tennis starter program which incorporates gross motor & movement skills with the beginnings of tennis. The fundamentals of tennis strokes are introduced while maintaining a fun environment.

  • Lessons 30 minutes

  • Maximum 4 students per lesson

  • Specialy designed tennis equipment for developing juniors

  • All new children receive 1st Term for $75 & Free Tennis Racquet & Shirt

 8 week term:$120
Stage 1 Early Development
PeeWee Hot Shot Tennis
5yrs-7yrs  •  Red Ball Development


The PeeWee students will learn the grips and the basic strokes for half court play. Students in this program will be encouraged to control, rally the ball and play fun tennis games.

  • Lessons 30 minutes

  • Maximum 4 students per lesson

  • Use of modified equipment and low compression ball

  • All new children receive 1st Term for $75 & Free Tennis Racquet & Shirt

 8 week Term:$120
Stage 2 Junior Development
Development Hot Shot Groups
7yrs-11yrs  •  Orange Ball Development


Learn all the fundamentals of tennis including grips, stroke production, rally ability, serving and scoring. Development group students will eventually participate in singles and doubles play and are prepared for competition level.

  • Lessons 1 hour

  • Maximum 7 students per lesson

  • For students with no or limited coaching experience.

  • All new children receive 1st Term for $75 & Free Tennis Racquet & Shirt
 per term:$120
Stage 3 Elite Development
Challenger Squads
9yrs-15yrs  •  Green Ball Development


This is a leap forward into some serious tennis training. In this program players will be challenged to raise their game to the next level.

  • Squad sessions 1 ½ hours

  • Drills and match play

  • Tournament support program

  • All new children receive 1st Term 1/2 price





 per term:$185.00
Stage 3 Elite Development
Master Squad
12yrs-18yrs  •  Yellow Ball Development


Squads comprise of an especially selected group of quality players that are trained to compete to their potential in Competitions and Tournaments. Focus on individual game styles, winning plays and physical development.

  • Squad sessions 2hours 45min

  • 45 mins fitness with a Personal Trainer

  • Advanced drills and match play

  • Tournament support program




 per term:$260.00
Fast Track Development
Group Fitness Sessions
8yrs- 18yrs  •  Fast Track Development


Take your tennis to the next level. This fun and motivating group session will encourage everyone to learn about what it takes to obtain and maintain a sustainable level of fitness, along with educate the participants on sport nutrition and general health maintenance.






 per class:$5.00
Fast Track Development
Private Lessons
All Ages  •  Fast Track Development


Private Lessons are available early morning to evening with our experienced coaching staff.
The perfect way to introduce beginners to the game with one-on-one tuition while intermediate/advanced players can improve and develop advanced strokes, slice, topspin, physical and psychological skills for tournaments and competitions of all levels and be booked in half hour & 1 hour time frames. The lessons can be shared with a friend or family member.


 $35 1/2 hr:$60 per hr
Birthday Parties
Kanga Kidz Birthday Parties
21/2yrs-8yrs   •  Multi Sports


Let us take the stress out of planning and running your child's birthday party by providing an age appropriate sport and entertainment program. Kanga Kidz Multi Sports Birthday Parties are all about fun and games with loads of action. Suitable for boys and girls aged 21/2 to 5years of age. Party package includes 11/2 hour of fun filled activities, games and challenges, all sports equipment, instructor, special birthday gift, invitations and certificates of achivement for all guests. There is toilet and kitchen facilities for personal catering

Please download the PDF for an information sheet

Kanga Kidz Party Package

 10 children:$150
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