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Weekly Comps & Social - Friday Junior Hot Shots

Boost Juice Junior Hot Shots


Tennis Australia’s Tennis Hot Shots is a weekly Round Robin Competition and is great opportunity for young players to have fun and test their new skills. This competition provides children with their first playing experience in a positive, friendly club environment.

Through the use of modified court sizes and low-compression balls, kids learn to serve, rally and score.


Trophy’s are awarded each term for the winner and runner-up and all children will receive participation certificate.


This competition in not to replace your child’s tennis lessons, but is designed to help your child’s progress into full court tennis.


Hot Shots competition is held on a Friday afternoon at 3.30pm to 4.30pm.




June 1st 2012


  1. Max:                             25pts
  2. Cooper:                         25pts
  3. Luke:                            22pts
  4. Dakota:                         22pts
  5. Josh:                             21pts
  6. Hayden:                        19pts
  7. Sarah:                           17pts
  8. Ben Geurts:                   12pts
  9. Aaron:                           12pts
  10. Matthew:                       10pts
  11. Zak:                              10pts
  12. Alyssa:                           9pts
  13. Mitchell:                         8pts
  14. Jessica:                          6pts
  15. Jasmin:                          6pts
  16. Ruby:                             5pts
  17. Bree:                              3pts
  18. Chiyenne:                       3pts
  19. Ben Thorn:                     1pt



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